A few inspirations

A one-of-a kind perfume experience.
from 10 persons
A great tasting experience.
from 20 persons
A real must for connoisseurs and bon vivants.
from 20 people
Taste carefully selected wines and let yourself get addicted by poker!
from 10 persons
Topic-directed improvisation, mirror theater, business performance, do-it-yourself theater, impro-show – no-limited creativity and fun, professionally guided.
Your personal Golf event on Cyprus or Madeira – unique and unforgettable.
6-12 persons
Away from the hectic of daily business conferences, business meetings or private events are arranged for you according to you individual needs. On board of the MS Titan – the most beautiful ship on the lake of Zug!


These are only a few ideas. All our events are custom made according to your wishes and needs.
Individual, special and refreshingly different. Let’s take the challenge!